TrustKeeper PCI

PCI Compliance & Breach Protection

Welcome to the Trustwave PCI DSS Compliance Program provided by Trustwave. This program features TrustKeeper®, which will help you easily approach your requirements for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Included with your PCI-DSS package is Data Breach Protection Coverage. In the event of a breach you are covered for up to $50,000 in the breach coverage provided by Great American Financial. This coverage will take effect upon activation and may cover costs such as forensic audits, replacement of compromised cards, and compliance fines as determined by the card brands. After registration, you'll be connected to the right PCI Wizard for your business type and card-acceptance method. This will help you complete the appropriate Self-assessment Questionnaire, and identify any additional steps you need to protect your business.

What is the SAQ? A set of required questions regarding your data security posture, to ensure you are processing cards in a secure manner. 

What is Network Vulnerability Scanning? A network vulnerability scan is an automated, non-intrusive scan that assesses your network and web applications from the Internet. The scan will identify any vulnerabilities or gaps that may allow an unauthorized or malicious user to gain access to your network and potentially compromise. 

Getting started is simple, you must be approved by EPSG for credit card processing. Before you begin registration, you’ll want to gather your merchant statement, or any other document that includes your Merchant ID (MID). In addition, you may want to have any information about your POS device, software, or any other information on the set-up of your payment-processing system. Next, visit Here you will find program information, FAQs, and a video tutorial to walk you through the process. Please take special note to include the /goevoPCI when entering the above url, as this connects your program and your pre-registered account with your processor. Next, click the “Get Started” button on the right-hand side.You will answer a few short questions about how you process payments. Follow the instructions for your business. Once complete, you’ll be prompted to register your account.You’ll need your:Merchant IDCompany NameBasic address informationEnter your MID without any spaces or dashes This step will connect you with your pre-registered TrustKeeper account. You will be asked to create a user name and password to access your account in the future, and asked to provide your contact details and create a security question/ answer. This should be for the person who will be doing the PCI certification, and used in the event you need to contact TrustKeeper support. You are now registered in TrustKeeper

Register your account at