We are an advocate of fair dealing

“We will help your business prosper by providing effective solutions in a fair, honest and transparent manner” … that is the backbone of how we build long term merchant relationships at EPSG.

EPSG is one of the few that deliver “first-class” customer support, services and honesty in the payment services industry.  With nearly 70% of consumer spending accounting for our domestic GDP and 70% of that credit card transactions, the payments industry is rife for deception and corporate profits.


To be the most trusted and innovative partner in the payments industry, delivering best-in-class solutions to our valued customers in the markets we serve.


- Our success depends on our proven commitment to our stakeholders.
- We encourage and reward teamwork to leverage the collective talents of our customers, partners and employees.
- We seek meaningful and enduring partnerships with those we serve.
- We reward creativity and pursue with passion each opportunity to understand and meet the ever-changing needs of our markets.
- We embrace a culture of mutual trust, support, and honesty, striving always to make our customers, partners, and employees proud of their association with us.

Our Pricing Guarantee

Here is the breakdown of credit card processing fees … always transparent and honest!  We are a principal member of multiple industry associations and have served on many advisory boards.  Any statement audit and savings analysis we evaluate of your current provider with ‘padded’ card fees will always be reported to the industry associations.  When this is the case, your business may be entitled to a reimbursement of the fees that were over-charged.  We are a first and foremost an advocate of fair and honest pricing!

1. Interchange Fee Reimbursements (Always passed through at TRUE cost)
These fees are paid directly to the issuing bank of the cards you accept from your customers.  Each card type has a different rate and per item fee set by the card associations based on how the transaction is processed (swiped/dipped or key-entered), the rewards program attached to the card, and the card issued type (debit card/consumer card/corporate card). This accounts for 80-90% of your total fees.

2. Card Association Usage Fees (Always passed through at TRUE cost)
Each card brand sets their own fees for every transaction you process at your business based on card type and are paid directly to the card brand. This accounts for 8-12% of your total fees

3. Merchant Provider Fees and Markup
Absent OUR costs detailed below, this is our markup and how we make a very small profit based on risk of uncollectable chargebacks and merchant write-offs.

- Authorization/Capture/Settlement Fee per transaction

- Customer Service/Support Desk/Online Reporting

- Merchant Accounting and Settlement Services

- Advance Funding of Interchange for Gross Deposits, 100% of sales deposited daily

- PCI Compliance and Breach Protection up to $50,000

- Regulatory and IRS Reporting Fees & Compliance 

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